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            Xiamen Jingcheng Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Through the efforts of all employees, it has formed a professional printing company integrating design, pre-press, post-press, and processing. It has "Publication Printing License" and "Envelope Production Supervision "Certificate", in 2008 has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, Jingcheng Printing has always insisted on professional printing technology and high-quality service to return the majority of customers and friends.

                    Jingcheng Printing introduced 2 Heidelberg folio five-color printing machines, Heidelberg fob four-color machines, CTP direct plate-making machine, monochromatic Guanghua 740, Weihai 6 tape printer, Roland paper cutter, Japanese folding machine, Ma Tian Nixie binding machine, box binding, hot stamping, laminating and other complete back-end binding equipment are effectively combined with modern technology to create a good development prospect for the company.

                    Jingcheng Printing has been printing professionally for 16 years, providing 30 industry printing service overall solutions. Main business: books and periodicals, hardcover books, handbags, color boxes, folders, envelopes, manuals, cartons, tags, gold and silver card printing, desk calendar Calendar and other products. Long-term commitment to research, development, design, printing; adhere to the business philosophy of high efficiency, high quality and high standards.

            • 2004年5月23日
            • 2008年6月
            • 2008年9月
            • 2010年11月
            • 2012年12月
            • 2013年1月
            • 2015年12月
            • 2020年2月

            01[Physical factory]

            Immediate online consultation to make an appointment to visit the factory

            Physical factory, wholesale and direct sales, 16 years of printing experience, let you save time and effort and worry.

            02[On-site proofing]

            Adopting the printing equipment imported from Germany, with good technology and high quality

            Introduce Heidelberg folio five-color printing machine, CTP direct plate-making machine, monochrome Guanghua 740, Weihai 6 open tape coding machine, box binding, bronzing, laminating and other complete back-end binding equipment, and set Printing and post-press process management system.

            03[Small batch, print on demand]

            High flexibility, can realize variable data printing, meet the personalized printing needs of many varieties.

            04[Fast shipping]

            Without the complicated process of traditional printing, the electronic file can be directly output and printed, and the fastest one day shipping.



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